Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snowman Snow.

I'm the worst sometimes.

I don't like the cold, and so it does not cross my mind on a snow day to take my kid outside, usually until its too late.  If he asked, I'd go out.  He doesn't ask.

Today my mom (who bought E both his snow coat and snow overalls) asked if he had been out yet.

Yet?  I gotta take this kid outside.

It was really fun, and I don't know why I'm so opposed to getting outside.  I just don't think about it until the weather gets nice.

We shoveled (for the third time), watched the plow, made snow angels, and built a snow person.  We went inside only when his gloves were soaking wet.  We weren't ready, but that was a sign that the time had come.  Also, nap time was being seriously postponed.

I enjoy snow days, especially if Jason can stay home too, but this winter has made them less novel, and therefore, far more annoying.  We are supposed to get TWO more storms before next week.  Ugh.  I'll just remember the fun of this snow day; buy bread, milk, and eggs; and make sure the snow pants are dry and ready for our next adventure outside.
E standing with "Silly Snowman"

He enjoyed throwing the snow up in the air.
- M.

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