Friday, November 9, 2012

Attempting to Love November

First, I hope no one took my radio silence as a hurricane issue.  We were very very fortunate and suffered no damage or discomfort during the storm, except Elliott, who had his 15 month boosters!

November is blah.  I like Thanksgiving and all, but for me, it's 30 days of waiting for the BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR!  December is a month full of birthdays (mine and many many others), parties, FINALS, and Christmas!

To deal, I look forward to fall foods.  Taco Soup, Cheesy Crab Soup, hot meals that keep you cozy long after dinner.

I'll be sharing some of our favorite meals here over the next few days.  Hopefully Jason will also update his blog, because he's been cooking up some delicious things in the kitchen.

I'm also going to label some "grad-school meals," which means they are 1. Quick (less than an hour start to finish) 2. Limited clean-up and 3. yield loads of leftovers for night class dinners and lunches.

Grad-school updates soon...I really only had time to lay out a quick plan at the moment.

- M.

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  1. I regret not trying your taco soup sooner. Literally the best meal I ever had!!