Tuesday, July 17, 2012

They're here!

For years, Jason and I have gone back and forth over the appeal of e-readers and tablets.  We both love the feel of a real book.  I'm pretty sure we own over 300 books, and after moving them 6 times, we manage to still like having them.  However, the moving also made us consider the notion of an e-reader.

Cut to the beginning of the summer.  I received another scholarship from Penn State, similar to one I got the first time.  I had said that if I got the same scholarship this time around, I would get a Kindle or an e-reader to make my back-pack lighter.  So, we started shopping.  I was a supporter of the Kindle Fire, but Jason did a little more research and found that Google was releasing a new tablet soon.  It would sync up with my Gmail, calendar, and other Google platforms that I already use.  I was sold.

We had to pre-order them, and they finally got here!  It's charging right now, but I already love the size, feel, and look of the Nexus 7.  I won't have to carry my laptop all over creation every day.  I don't have an office at Penn State, so I'll have to carry everything with me.  A tablet is going to make this so much easier!

We'll give another update once we've had a chance to play.  :)

- M. & J.