Sunday, January 15, 2012

6 Months!

Elliott is 6 months old today!

It was about one year ago that we announced here on the blog that we were having our little peanut, and here he is now, almost 18 pounds (according to our Wii Fit).  Because his last well visit was later, he won't go in for another until he's almost 7 months.  He may go in soon for a quick flu shot though.

We're having a really fun holiday weekend.  I've been crocheting up a storm (post to come) and we've been doing things we enjoy.  Last night, I went out for my friend Em's birthday to a restaurant called Frankford Hall.  It's a beer hall, and it has outdoor seating, fire-pits for smore's, and ping-pong tables.  They also had heat lamps, so sitting outside wasn't so cold.  Tonight we're having a game night with friends, and on Monday, I'm going to Quizzo for the first time in months.  I like to take advantage of Monday nights that Jason doesn't work.  He has a 4-day weekend because of his new schedule, so I'm sure he'll enjoy that.  Tuesdays will be so nice this semester.  In the fall, he had class on Tuesday, so he went into work 3 hours early and came home at the normal time.  He was gone for 12 hours, so I was on my own with Elliott for 12 hours.  Now, I teach my seminar on Tuesdays, so he switched his Fridays off for Tuesdays.  When I come home from class (which I don't go in until noon to teach), he'll be home and we can have a normal night together.  :)

I promise; I will have a craft post at some point this weekend.  I finished 5 projects in the last month, 2 of them being large items.  I also have a number of things on commission to finish.  It's a good thing I love to crochet.

- J, M, E, & B.

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