Thursday, April 7, 2011

27 Weeks

Welcome to the third trimester (to some)!  Elliott is now the size of an eggplant, or about 15 inches long.  Crazy!  My friend Jen said someone should write a children's book called "Elliott the Eggplant."

We haven't been great about keeping this blog up to date, but we've been so busy getting ready for the move and for conferences.  I'm presenting this weekend at the Mid-Atlantic American Studies Conference, so not only do I have to prep a paper, but I have to prep myself for solo travel (via Amtrak).  I'm sure things will be fine, but being alone like that for 2 hours makes me a little nervous.

We had a doctor's appointment a week ago.  Elliott's heartbeat is steady and strong at 140 b/m.  He even kicked the doppler.  He's incredibly active.  I have been gaining weight appropriately (4 pounds last month), but I have been having some discomfort with my gall bladder.  It's not pain (I don't have a high pain tolerance, so I'd know if it was pain), but just something that feels off.  I'll talk to the doctor about it next week.  Yes, we are now at that point where I go every 2 weeks.  I also have to get my glucose tolerance test done soon (more blood draws!  Ack!).  The difficulty has been finding a time when Jason and I can both go.  I don't think I want to subject a friend to sitting through that test with me.  Jason hasn't had to miss an appointment yet, but with them coming more frequently, he might have to miss a few coming up.  He enjoys being there for the appointment, hearing Elliott's heartbeat, and providing moral support should it be needed.

Well, the move is next week, so more reports soon, I'm sure.

- J & M.