Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer 2014.

It should not surprise anyone who ever reads this blog that April has some of the lowest post counts.  It's the end of the semester, it's conference time, it's finals.  When May arrives, I either have a lot to say or nothing.  This year, it was obviously nothing.

I'm attempting to make the most of this summer, which will be my last summer "off" for the foreseeable future.  I'm getting out of teaching, and I'm looking to apply my academic skills to the real world.  I have comprehensive exams in the fall; I'm actively looking for a job. I know once the job comes, I'll be writing my dissertation, working at a new job, and also being part of my family (and probably moving...).  I won't have time to complete the myriad craft projects I've started over the years, and the thought of possibly moving them is annoying.  So, I'm finally finishing projects and "busting" my stash.  Here is what I have finished so far:
Wreath for our kitchen.
1. Two pairs of booties
2. Two scarves (timely, I know)
3. One ear warmer
Booties and the little stuffed cat.
Coasters as part of a wedding shower gift.

4. Two wreaths
Housewarming gift for a friend.

Commission, which turned out beautifully!

5. One stuffed cat
6. Four sets of coasters (18 in all)
7. Two mandalas
8. One doily
9. One granny square mat that I've been working on for two years (procrastination at its finest)

Teal doily for our bedroom.

Total, that's 16 COMPLETED projects.  I've always worked on a number of others here and there, making some serious headway on some very large projects. I also, as always, have crochet projects in the planning stage, but I've told myself that I will not start any new projects until my "in progress" list falls to 5.  I have 7 more to go.

I also borrowed my mom's sewing machine, as we have a few small home improvement projects we want to complete.

Yesterday was the summer solstace, or the longest day of the year.  I truly made it count:

10am: Breakfast and shopping with mom
1pm: Lunch (leftovers)
1:30pm - 4:00pm: (Elliott's nap) Crochet, crochet, Frasier
4pm - 7pm: Crochet, Frasier, play with Elliott
7pm: Dinner (DIY pasta...everyone is happy)
8pm - 12am: Comps studying (I have never studied that long ever)
12am - 3am: Crochet, Netflix, reading.

It was definitely not a wasted day.  On to the second day of summer!

Matching mandala and coasters for a friend who moved.

So. Many. Coasters!