Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Delicate Balance.

Just after my "look at my meal planning skills" post, the delicate balance that is our life was ruined.  Only just this week were we able to get back to normal.

First, I got an eye infection.  Even my eye doctor is stumped as to how it happened, but it took three weeks of medication and almost daily appointments to get it to go away.  I was fortunate enough to have no vision loss, but the whole ordeal was very painful (I took stronger painkillers than after I had E) and I'm now attempting to go three months without a flare up.

As I was recovering from that, I also had two conferences to attend.  I was well enough to present at both, and my doctors Ok'd the time away from them.  They were fun, and the second one (4 days in Washington DC) was super relaxing.  I also got to spend a lot of time with the students and faculty from my program, who are amazing, so that just made recovery a little easier.

In the three days between conferences (just three...) Jason was suddenly struck with an awful stomach bug.  He was so sick, and I had to leave before he even went back to work.  Then I got a flat tire.  It was also the week before Easter, so once he recovered, he had a lot of baking to do.  Easter itself was quiet (which was fine) and we had a little indoor egg hunt for E.

That next week, while we were just recovering from the last few weeks, Elliott got the stomach bug and after I went to Philly for an improv team reunion, I got it.  We also passed it to both of E's baby sitters.  Yeesh.

We are back on a healthy swing, which is good because the end of the semester is here and there is a lot to be done.  Grading, reading, studying, writing, and even the March for Babies.  I will be so happy to see May 1st roll around (my last day of classes / finals).

As can be expected, there will be a little radio silence on this end.  See you in a few weeks.

- M.