Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Wedding Planner

Jason, the moms, and I have made some great strides forward in the wedding planning department, which is incredibly exciting. Each little detail that falls into place makes the wedding itself even more real for both of us.

We booked the church and the reception hall. We have made some decisions on other vendors. I have my dress (which is b-e-a-utiful and I cannot wait to wear it). The bridesmaids are outfitted from head to toe. We are registered (Macy's and Target). Nancy has been designing up a storm and the Save the Dates are printed.

Much closer to the wedding, we are going to need the help of aunts, girlfriends, and cousins for the DIY projects I have planned. Bows to be tied, cards to be labeled, candy to be packaged.

Jason and I have also been working on our honeymoon (Disney cruise) and we are super psyched to spend our first week as husband and wife in the happiest place on earth!

Wedding Countdown: 250 days until the wedding!

- J & M

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